Cashback Policy

The following T&Cs govern your wallet and the cashbacks:

  • Referral cashbacks can be earned on bookings made by your referred partners / sub agents / freelance agents.
  • Referral cashbacks are offered only on hotels and land package bookings.
  • No referral cashbacks are offered on flight ticket bookings and/or ancillary services component of bookings.
  • Referral cashbacks can be used against buying any product on the site, including flights & ancillaries.
  • You cannot withdraw your referral cashback balance. It has to be used on
  • Referral cashbacks against a booking are transferred to your account after completion of travel.
  • Your cashback balance does not expire as long as you stay active on site by making a minimum of 1 booking every month. Failure to do so will reduce the cashback balance to 0.
  • In a particular month where you do not make any booking on the site, your referral cashback, if accrued, will lapse ie it will go directly to the company.
  • There is no restriction on its usage. You can use your entire cashback balance in a single booking too
  • You cannot transfer your cashbacks to another account or any other member.
  • Your cashback balance does not generate any interest or dividend.
  • In terms of value, 1 cashback is equivalent to 1 unit of the local currency ie 1 Rupee.
  • You will be entitled to get referral cashbacks on the bookings made by your directly referred members only. This will be credited into your wallet after they complete their travel.
  • To earn referral cashbacks on travel completed for a particular month, you must make a minimum of 1 booking in that month.
  • In the unlikely and unfortunate event of the company closing down, going into liquidation or filing for bankruptcy, all the cash back balance pending on the site will become nil and the company will have no liability to any member in terms of the balance in his wallet on the site. The member agrees that in the event of such an event, the member will have no claim on his cash back balance and the value of his wallet will become nil with no recourse whatsoever.
  • Company’s decision will be final & binding in case of any dispute regarding your wallet balance.

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