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Hotels in Bhutan : Happy Stay in Happy Place

Bhutan is a beautiful, exotic and unperturbed country with its own distinct flavour. There are monasteries which can easily enchant you; dzongs (fortress) that can easily amaze you and a unique culture that you can easily fall in love with. So, I am happy that finally Bhutan has besotted its love on you and you […]

Kerala Tourism: Explore the Exotic Beauty on Earth

When raw wildness met the elegance of magical backwaters, Kerala took birth Imagine a place surrounded by the Arabian Sea on its three sides and the Western Ghats on its east. If you think it’s possible only in your imagination then come out of it. Because this place exists in reality. It is called Kerala. […]

Hotels in Kashmir: Find a Piece of Heaven in Paradise

Finding a true gem can still be easy, but finding a heaven on Earth is quite a difficult task. Thankfully, India is blessed with a place whose beauty is unmatched and sceneries are as tempting as an apple in the ‘Garden of Eden’. You guessed it right, I am talking about Kashmir- a state of […]

Hotels in Kerala – Enhance Your Stay in Kerala

Are you planning to go Kerala? Great! It is the best place to enjoy the serene view of magical backwaters and lush greenery. But just to be on safe side, let’s go through once what you are done with so far! Flight Tickets – Check Packing – Check Decided on Places to visit – Check […]